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B&G was at the Baby Show in Manchester from 2 - 4 September 2011. Bump Blogger for the Baby Show, Hannah Clementson, has written a review of our products on her blog, A New Addition  (http://www.pregnantorbaby.blogspot.com):

Here are Hannah's videos:

"I am so so happy with my hand casting, I think it makes such an amazing keepsake to mark our engagement and also something a bit different to what other people have. The detailing in the casting is absolutely fantastic even down to the detailing in the sides of my engagement ring. I was expecting my hand to be a bit mucky after being placed in the mould but as you can see from the video I was amazed. I didn't even have any mess in my nails and my hands smelt minty!!"  

.......the casting process.........

......and finally the demoulding......

To find out more of Hannah's review, go to her blog A New Addition at www.pregnantorbaby.blogspot.com.

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