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Pregnant Belly Casting...............

........is the art of capturing your pregnancy in all it's 3 dimensional glory.

At B&G, your belly casts are created using a soft mould which result in a high definition replica of your bump that plaster strips cannot achieve. The finished cast is in a material* which is highly durable but with the texture of plaster, showing excellent skin details. 

There are various poses which you can adopt, and we will provide our quotation based on the pose which is most suited to you. Prices range from £350 to £650** depending on whether breasts and hands are included in the cast. As pregnancy is a very intimate period, your partner's participation can be a boost and is encouraged. 

Contact Us today to book you casting session. 

*  Other material will be available in the near future.
** Basic casts are plain and come with fittings for wall mounting. Additional charges apply if you wish to have your casts painted or coated in our premium Silver or Gold coating, or choose other mounting options. We will provide you with a final quote upon consultation for your requirements. 



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