We create your memories............. 

At B&G we create your memories for you. Be it your newborn's tiny hands and feet, a hand sculpture of you holding your baby's little hand, you and your partner's hands entwined lovingly together in an embrace, or a family "portrait" of all your hands joined together, each of our casting is created with such loving detail you can almost feel yourself back at the very moment it was made. Display them on your coffee table, by the fireplace, along the stairs, by the window, or on your office desk. Just looking at them will bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.
Our castings make fantastic gifts for  
                                                        -   Christmas
                                                        -   Christenings
                                                        -   Anniversaries
                                                        -   Birthdays
                                                        -   Valentine's Day
                                          -   Mother's Day
                                                        -   Father's Day
                                                        -   Wedding
                                                        -   Engagement
.................or you can use us as an excuse to give someone you care for that gift of love.
We provide a Home Casting service, or you can find us at Daniel Store in Windsor, Williams & Griffin in Colchester, and other locations as advertised in our Events collumn. We also have a series of DIY kits which we have developed for your own home casting fun!
Baby Foot Cast DWI0193Baby Foot Cast DWI0256Baby Foot Cast DWI0107 Child Foot Cast DWI0189 Baby Feet Casts DWI0218Baby Feet Casts DWI0218


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